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I make gif edits and graphics; from movies, video games, tv shows.

multifandom blog.

Started; 2011.02.25
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white collar gifs
da vinci's demons gifs
favorite movie list
reign meme
assassin's creed gifs
tomb raider gifs


Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2)


Teen Wolf (s4)
Game of Thrones (s4)
Breaking Bad (s3)
Gossip Girl (s5)
Hart of Dixie (s3)

waiting for

The Vampire Diaries (s6)
Once Upon a Time (s4)
White Collar (s6)


Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Need For Speed Rivals
Tomb Raider Lara Croft (again)
Watch Dogs


Jung Yunho -since 2008
James Mcavoy
Aaron Paul
Luke Mitchell
Sam Claflin
Stephen Amell

evil isn't born; it's made.

Elif, Turk, I love books, films, tv series, pc games, anime, and I usually get carried away to fantasy world and books. multifandom.

Jul 2014

Kira Yukimura in “The Benefactor”

Jul 2014

Give me some time to think about it.

Jul 2014
Jul 2014

I got this sudden rushing feeling, like we’re running out of time.

Jul 2014


lotr meme

{2/8 personal items} → The One Ring

Jul 2014
Jul 2014
"We must send a message. Anyone who thinks they can hunt and kill us for money, they get to be a name on our dead pool."
Jul 2014

What fun we have dancing and fucking, not a care in the world. Not knowing that we are nothing. We are not what was intended.

Jul 2014


teen wolf meme » one season

season 3a

Jul 2014
"Could you test me on something else, please?"
Jul 2014

An entire pack of Alphas went after McCall and he was the one left standing.

Jul 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

“I still want more,” I whisper. “I know,” he says. “I’ll try.” I blink up at him, and he reliquishes my hand and pulls at my chin, releasing my trapped lip. “For you, Anastasia, I will try.” 

Jul 2014
Jul 2014

countdown to hilary duff’s return to music
fly (released: 8/10/2004)

Jul 2014

"I’ve never cared about how successful or how big I was going to be. I just wanted to be part of a story that affected people, made them laugh or cry. To me, that was more important than having my face on some billboard."